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Last updated: 01 Sept 2016


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Plastic clothes can keep you cool & covered

Infrared-transparent visible-opaque fabrics for wearable personal thermal management, ASC Photonics, 2 (6), pp 769778, 2015

MIT Technology Review: How next-generation fabrics will keep you cool in summer heat
"Fabrics that are transparent in the infrared can radiate body heat at rates that will significantly reduce the burden on power-hungry air-conditioning systems."

Nature Materials: Could polythene clothes be cool?
"Is there a better way of staying cool than filling our entire living spaces with blasts of cold air? Tong et al. suggest that cheap passive cooling might be achieved with a fabric that is transparent to IR yet opaque to visible light. But can that be made?"

Yes, it can be made: new experimental realization from Stanford

Image: I. Puscasu, FLIR & S.V. Boriskina, MIT

Nanoporous fabrics could keep you cool, Science, 353(6303), 986-987, 2016

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